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Распалубочный воск для бетона

The use of a quality stripping agent is necessary to increase productivity and surface quality.

Freshly cast concrete surfaces are "sensitive souls". Mixture composition, component properties, environmental conditions and many other factors affect the final appearance of the concrete surface. Obviously, some of these conditions are very difficult to control. But what is really very easy to control is the choice of stripping agent, which equally affects the preservation of the desired quality of the concrete surface.


Chipping and pores on the concrete surface are also the result of the use of an unsuitable stripping agent and/or incorrect application of the product. Therefore, you should only choose the right high-quality formwork stripping agent, specially designed for molded architectural concrete.  

Распалубочный воск


The consumption of stripping agent is extremely low (1 kg per 50-100 m2). In order to get the highest quality concrete surface, apply in a thin layer.

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