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WHAT MATERIAL IS IT MADE FROM?FORMS of military-technical cooperation?

формы для бетона из стеклопластика

When we started developing the tooling, we set ourselves the task to increase its strength, resistance to alkaline media and solvents, mechanical, thermal and atmospheric influences. We managed to achieve this with modern polymer systems. Working with us, you can be sure of the quality, because in our production, we pay special attention to compliance with technical regulations and the selection of suppliers of raw materials and equipment. 

Glass composite,from which the forms are made has a number of advantages over metal and wooden counterparts:

- strength

- small weight of forms

- resistance to corrosion

- environmental friendliness

- shape durability

- chemical resistance

- resistance to intense mechanical vibrations

- ideal geometry and the ability to give any shape radius


доставка материалов для бетона

We work with various logistics operators in Russia: Business Lines, SDEK, PEK, Zheldorekspeditsiya, TransContainer and others. Sending goods is carried out all over the world in compliance with the requirements for the transportation of a particular product. To calculate the approximate cost and delivery time, you can use the online calculator on the courier website:


мытый бетон вазоны

MTS molds and materials are compatible with a range of manufacturing technologies. Максимально детально ознакомиться со всеми этапами и особенностями процесса, узнать о применяемых инструментах и материалах и самостоятельно освоить весь технологический процесс возможно в рамках индивидуального_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_of the master class  on the basis of the VTS Technopark in St. Petersburg. There are several programs of different duration, designed specifically for market research, technology and test-drive forms of PTS. You can find out the details of the programs and register for the master class by phone and e-mail indicated in the contacts section. 

You can learn more about compatible production technologiesby this link.


индивидуальные формы для бетона

If among those proposed in the catalog you do not find the shape you need, we can develop and manufacture any composite tooling according to your size and design._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-138bad_calculation of the cost an individual shape is made based on the surface area, and takes several hours, during which our specialists create a drawing of the future shape, model the construct and calculate the material. 

In order to find out the cost and terms of manufacturing equipment, send to our email a letter with a sketch and with the dimensions of the form you need 

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