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Our development is always the fruit of the responsibility that we voluntarily take upon ourselves and undertake to follow these promises, reinforcing our words with deeds. The more people who take responsibility for the happy life of others, the greater and more impressive the overall result will be, the more the inner freedom gained will inspire new achievements. 

Our mission is to benefit the people around us: help create worthy  conditions for life, develop the creative potential and improve the creative potential


In order to fill the landscaping niche with high-quality, aesthetic and affordable products, as well as to develop the use of new high-demand and high-performance technologies by our partners, our project was created 

In you will find everything you need for concrete production:  unique technological and reliable forms that will maximize productivity and last for more than one year; equipment with adapted and understandable controls; reagents from leading manufacturers in Russia and the world, as well as assistance and support on the application of technology within the professional community of the Betontech club.


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