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BTC tooling is designed for professionals in the field of small architectural forms from concrete. Matrices are made of high-quality composite materials, high-tech and meet all the requirements of modern production equipment. convenient, simple and reliable in operation.

формы для цветочниц урн вазонов из бетона ВТС

1. Protective layer based on vinylester. Creates a durable surface, has increased resistance to chemical attack, solvents, mechanical and thermal effects. Serves as an indicator for the timely repair of the form.

2. The barrier layer increases the strength characteristics of the form, prevents cracking and formation of microcracks, has additional alkali resistance and mechanical protection during vibrations. Bonds the gelcoat to the matrix body laminate.

3. The structural layer forms the "body" of the matrix. Responsible for strength and durability and maintaining the shape geometry.

4. The reinforcing layer increases the strength and resistance of the form to alkalis and solvents, protects the "body» matrices from ultraviolet and water.

5. The filler further increases the strength and impact resistance of the mold. Prevents from chips in corners (places of a break of a form).

6. The pusher air stripper makes it easy to remove the product from the mould. The material of the puller is not subject to corrosion.

7. For a gentle procedure for removing the product, the form is equipped with auxiliary technological stripping pockets.

8. Production molds are equipped with embedded fittings for quick assembly and disassembly of the mold using handy power tools.

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